“Yeah, I’m ready. In fact, I had a dream last night. It probably was a sign,” I said.

“You and your dreams….”

“In this one, I was walking down the street and walked right up on a gang fight. Arms and fists swinging everywhere. I was standing there with a notepad wondering whether I wanted to get in the fight or stand back and take notes,” I told her.

“Once a reporter, always a reporter. You know if it was me it wouldn’t have been a decision,” she said. “See a fight, get in it! Hell. Ain’t nothing to think about.”

“The pen is mightier than the sword my dear. But listen, I was thinking about that dream. If we elect Obama, the first African American president, these white folks might have a major uprising.”

“Not if, when,” she said. “And you damn right. The shit is really gonna hit the fan when we get a Black president. You gon’ see a side of America we ain’t never seen before. But that dream you had last night wasn’t about the future. I hope you know. You are living that dream. This here Capitol Hill, this is the battlefield right here. I told you these political types, that’s all they do is fight. You’re in it now, Hon.”

I did my Muhammad Ali impression again. Victoria’s cell phone buzzed. She checked her text messages and needed to leave. I stayed and met a few people from other Member offices and committees.

  1. How do you prepare for a big challenge (research, work-outs, prayer, meditation, other)?
  2. What has helped you prepare for or navigate your biggest challenges to date?
  3. Do you anticipate challenges and have a plan in place to activate? If so, explain, if not tell why not.

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